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A visit to Snowshill Manor National Trust

If you love the Arts and Crafts style you will adore Snowshill Manor. It was a gorgeous sunny July day. We visited around 2pm which we found not too busy there is a narrow way single track to enter the National Trust site but plenty of parking free for National Trust members. The gardens and Manor are open most of the year. The cheapest way to visit is to take out the National Trust membership.

Snowshill Manor  was created in 1919 by the architect, artist and collector Charles Paget Wade (1883–1956).

The Gardens are fairly accessible but it is steep in parts.  Charles Wade was an avid collector and this includes his collection of Samurai artifacts

Currently you need to book to enter the Manor but the Gardens you need not book .

The gardens are terraced and there are lots of steps down from the manor


Charles Wade made the gardens into sets of rooms. He even built his own miniature Cornish Harbour with ornamental pond. Wolfs Cove below. Snowshill being so landlocked Wade loved the sea. If you crave the sea take a little look.

There are Apple and Pear Orchards and lots of places for young children to run around families are encouraged to picnic in the orchard.

The National Trust  inherited Snowshill Manor after Wade died. He then transformed it into a garden by planting trees and shrubs from all over the world and adding ornamental water features. His favorite spot was the rock garden which he designed himself with pieces of broken stone set into concrete slabs, among other things.

Once Snowshill Manor had opened to visitors and aquired by the National Trust. The garden is the perfect place to unwind and explore hidden vistas and unexpected delights, including Wolf’s Cove model village and the Priest’s House.

In the manor house are Charles Wade’s eclectic collections. He was an architect and artist who dedicated his life to collecting, having inheriting his family’s sugar estates. We maintain the atmospheric rooms he created with low lighting and few labels. From tiny toys to Samurai armour, and musical instruments to bicycles, thousands of objects are laid out for you to see just as Mr Wade intended.

‘Let nothing perish’ was Wade’s motto, and at Snowshill you can discover his passion for craftsmanship, colour and design, from the everyday to the extraordinary. There have been many weddings filmed at the beautiful Cotswold stone Church here in Snowshill. 

Other places to visit nearby are the Village of Snowshill itself which includes the Church St Barnabas which was used to Film a winter Christmas Scene in Bridget Jones Diary. You could travel just half a mile out of the village and  try a Lavender scented Scone cream tea at Cotswold Lavender fields.  Broadway Village is also nearby with its quaint shops and the famous Lygon Arms Hotel. Not forgetting Broadway Tower with stunning views of Evesham Vale and the Malvern hills. The Cotswolds are the ideal day trip out there are plenty of hiking trails but check these for more ideas of things to do


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