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How to Dry Hydrangeas and Make a Wreath for Fall

Show off to your Neighbours with this Stunning Autumn Fall Wreath

Here I show you how to dry hydrangeas and make this simple yet stunning wreath. This is a Step By Step how-to that will show you how to make a beautiful floral wreath. This will take you from Fall to Winter and brighten up your front door or porch. Hydrangeas have become so popular over the last 3 years or so. I remember growing up with them in my Grandads garden. Now you see them in every florist window arrangement. The wreaths can set you back £30 or much more. I will show you how to make one for just £3 or so. You could use florists wire or twine (so make sure little ones are out of reach of scissors and wire}.

How to Make

I dry my own cut hydrangeas from my garden. I used red, pink and blue ones plus a few extra dried ones leftover from last year which was more faded for a vintage theme. Cut the flowers with a length of stem approximately 10 cms. Then place the stems in a glass of water in a cool dark room it should take 3-4 weeks to dry them thoroughly leave them in freshwater for 3 weeks and on the final week remove the water so they dry out completely. The petals will fade but should stay relatively open and not shrivel up too much using this method.

I used a wicker wreath from hobby craft which cost £3. You could also use craft wire circles or an oasis circle. You could also use a hot glue gun to attach the dried hydrangea flowers. Carefully tease the wicker sections and insert the stems closely together to achieve a fuller look. When completed snip off the long stems behind the wreath secure with wire,or twine you can also use a glue gun to secure them firmly in place.

Next, find some ribbon to tie on your wreath so you can hang it up securely. You could also use this as a centerpiece for an autumn/fall table setting with candles in the centre.

Fresh Hydrangeas can also be used

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