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Top Tips when Considering a House Move or Re-Mortgage

Dreaming of moving house?

Although we live in the Cotswolds, I have always dreamed of moving to Cornwall. The Cotswold Hills are amazing and we have some of the most fabulous properties and real estate to choose from. We have been holidaying in Cornwall for over 10 years. I have an amazing Cornish corner in my dining room full of paintings and collectibles. My Kids tell me off for going on and on about moving to Cornwall and retiring there. I am constantly looking at homes for sale in Cornwall screen shotting my favourites. More of us have had to work from home office space has become a necessity rather an an optional extra. My dream would be to have an office with a sea view (I can dream). I am sure one day I will retire to a cottage in Polperro a stunning cornish fishing village where my family and I visit every year.

During the pandemic lockdowns and Covid 19 we have all been forced to have a staycation. In the news the beaches have been packed full of UK holidaymakers. Cornwall has become the destination of choice for many there are facebook groups dedicated to people dreaming of moving there I have to admit to being a member of one group.

The G7 Summit increased the Worlds focus on Cornwall especially St Ives and the surrounding South West area of Cornwall. Tom Cruise was also in the News visiting St Ives in his Super Yacht. During Covid 19 house prices have seen a massive increase. According to the Guardian figures published by the Halifax has seen a rise of up to 48% in some areas.

Where to Move and Why? Can You Re-Mortgage?

Consider if you can stay where you are and increase the space you have by adding a room. Write down a list of pro’s and cons . During lockdown we have had to look at how we work. Our kids have had to study from home space has become tight and restricted. We are not out of the woods yet although many of us are returning to work and school, Covid 19 numbers and deaths are rising again. Schools may well close and we may be forced to continue to work from home, So maybe we should look at our home if we need more space to work. Can we stay where we are and use the space we have? How do we afford an extra space can we re-mortgage?

House Move Things to Consider before starting your search.

Thinking of moving house should not be a chore it should be exciting. It does not have to be a challenge. Check as many house prices in the area you like but be open about looking into more affordable areas too, Maybe you can find a property that needs a little more work yet is more affordable. Try to be flexible decide what your priorities are and stick to those first. Check out the local schools (if you have children) Do not just rely on School league  tables ask on local facebook forums about the schools too. Look for smarter ways to manage your finances.

How Much Can You Afford

Some tips to help with a home move. How much can you afford we all know buying a home is a huge investment for the future. When I bought my first home it was a huge commitment. However using the right tools really helps things move more smoothly. I always check the latest mortgage rates. Can you really afford those monthly payments check the council tax rates. Write a budget of all your income and out-goings so you have a full and accurate picture.

I know how hard it is to own a property especially so when you are a first time buyer the governments help to buy scheme helps everyone to get on the property ladder sooner. Most local housing associations run a help to buy or shared ownership scheme for first time buyers.

I know personally I would maybe have to downsize to be able to afford a property near the coast in Cornwall but I know I could buy a similar property to mine If we went further inland. Sometimes we just have to compromise. I am still dreaming of a cottage in Polperro. What’s your dream?

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